Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vargalicious' Top 5 SONGS of 09'

1. "Halo" - Beyonce

2. "Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)" - Beyonce

3. "Change" - Daniel Merriweather feat Wale

4. "Viva la vida" - Coldplay

5. "Use somebody" - Kings of Leon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Conchita Lopez Triserra Tups.

On my many travels I stopped by Toy Kingdom to find some xmas presents for the little ones. While I was there i was fascinated by this Dinosaur egg sitting in a bucket of water by the counter. The staff member told me that there was a Dinosaur slowly growing inside the egg and the water somehow allowed it to grow and eventually crack the egg open. This egg was still closed and he also said it would take a few days for the baby Dinosaur to develop to its full size. Totally excited i took one home. I have been fascinated by dinosaurs ever since i watched Jurassic Park when i was 7.

Here are the pics of my lovely Triceratops, 'Conchita Lopez'.

Monday, December 7, 2009


This is what happens when I'm forced to wait in one spot.


My new MJ top with sequined shoulders...yum.

& More...

This one was done when i was 16. I would draw faces and as soon as they slightly resembled someone i would say i was drawing that person all along. Liar. I thought i was so good.

Old School crapolish drawings i found while cleaning my room.

I think i drew these when i was 11ish. Top one is Liv Tyler and the other one is Britney bitch.

Lady Caca?

To me Lady Gaga was nothing special. Heard her music (which I didn't find at all appealing), watched her perform, saw her on t.v with Kermit as her date to the MTV awards and all I could think of was "why on earth is this lady so popular?" But now, months later, I've come to appreciate the world of the Lady. She's successfully created this weird/fun character that's not to be taken seriously. I like that. It's fun. It's Pop. I'm still not a fan, but i can safely say that i can now go to bed not wondering how the 'Gags' became to be so successful.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merri Merri quite contrary...

Daniel Merriweather performed at the Prince of Wales Tuesday night and me and my bestie went to check it out. Merri-Fic! He is one big bubble of talento. There's very few artists out there that sound better live...he's one of the few AND he's a Melbourne boy too, grew up in Sassafras.

If you don't have his album 'Love & War' yet, whatcha waitin for?

Can you smell the Bacon?

Ok, so this is what happened. Woke up to go to work, did my usual 'thang' but couldnt decide what to wear due to crazy Melbourne weather patterns. So i turned on the T.V to sunrise and heard this catchy lil song. It was this guy called Justin Nozuka. I later found out that he is Kevin Bacon's nephew. Sorta looks like Mr. Bacon but he's actually related to Mrs. Bacon (Kyra Sedgewick). Strange. Anyways he's half Japanese half Canadian. Interesting mix, but what's more interesting is his voice. For some reason he reminds me of Lauryn Hill, i don't know why. I heart Lauryn and am slowly falling for JN.

Just so you know - turned out to be a nice day. Wore my new dress!


Best nail polish I've gotten in a while. Comes from the Bloom collection at Target. Best thing about it: Stays shiny without using base or top coat!