Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ladies, breaking news!
I have discovered some very disturbing social behaviour in males that I feel is very necessary for you to be aware of. There is a new 'breed' of man that has existed for while but has only now become apparent in the nightclub/pub scene. They have expanded in population thus vastly becoming a growing epidemic. In recent nights out with my girlfriends a certain approach in picking up girls has become evident. Before I explain myself, let me just state that I was not 'heavily' under the influence when encountering this behaviour - so I could examinate my surroundings in a professional matter. Here are the two cases that we came across. Please note that all names have been changed.

Strike one: Dancing with my friend Shal* and notice that a very strange smelling male approached me and asked whether I have already been spoken for. He used other words, but I understood what he meant was whether I had a boyfriend. I said "I do". Common lie for the single female when she wishes to be left alone. I then gave myself an imaginary air high five, because I knew my answer would make him walk away. But to my surprise, the not so bright gentleman responded with "but he's not here"I then knew that I was being challenged. I had come face to face with a GTDGU. Guys That Don't Give Up. Whilst I am a fan of the 'not giving up attitude' I do however believe that in this scenario, guys should just give up.
I gave him no indication that I was interested, yet he didn't pick up on my 'get away loser' eyes and simply continued with Google'd pick up lines. This only made him seem MORE pathetic. I turned my back to him, danced away and made my friend follow. This didn't stop him, so we just created a cool dance move that enabled us to keep walking around the club and away from him.

Strike two: My friends and I were dancing fiercely in a circle and without anyone noticing a pint sized gentleman entered our circle and joined in. We knew something had messed with our groove. When I opened my eyes and came out of doing the running man, I noticed him. No one invited him and we all tried to turn out backs to him and snap him out of our circle. That didn't work. He then tried to talk to most of the 'circle' girls. His material was not impressive, as I could see these girls faces turn sour at the sight of him. While he was chatting we kept trying to push him out but it seemed like nothing was working, this tiny man was invincible. He wasn't going to leave without a fight. He honestly believed that we would come around and notice how amazing he was. He wasn't. So without warning, our friend Sush* approached him and said "You are really annoying, you need to leave. Nobody wants you here. You need to leave us alone and go!!"
Still smirking, he though he was still welcome in our circle, but I had enough. I stood in front of him and blocked the circle and yelled. "You're not invited in here! This gate is closed!" he still lingered but no longer would he join us in OUR circle.

Here are some eg. of ways to avoid the GTDGU:

If they ask you to dance: Your answer- I dont have any legs.

If they ask whether you have a boyfriend - I do, he's the security guard.

If they ask you for your number - I dont use a phone because I dont speak.

If they ask where you're from - I'm from Afghanistan

Obviously these answers are far from the truth, but in times of crisis they actually help. You see, these boys don't take no for an answer, and will not stand to be rejected. They think that we're easy. If you're answer is like any of the above than they will most likely not pursue you, as you then become a challenge. They don't want that. Its way too much work.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

See en en

Came across this gorgeous thang on CNN. It's T.J. Holmes and ladies and gentlemen he is hot. That's all.

Cragie Babie!

Just when I ALMOST forgot about Craig David, I heard "7 days" and started to then listen to everything else he had made (apart from his last album = crap. Sorry Craig, but it's true.) and wondered what he looked like now. After some strenuous Googleidge, this is what I found. He's HUGE.

* * *

Rhianna's Rated R album is ok, no biggie. Only has 3 good songs. "Russian Roulette", "Hard" and "Firebomb". All good though, don't panic, she is still feee-uurs!

I love love love these two pieces. I doubt Chris Brown would go near her with those couture sharps...or anyone for that matter. They look dangerous, but HOT.


If I were to close my eyes, squish real hard and dream of the bestest most incredible nail polish I could think of...it would be every colour of the rainbow and GLITTERY.

O.P.I has made my dreams come true. They have come out with their new Alice in Wonderland range. There are four colours. 3 of them are blah, blah and blah but the fourth is called..Mad as a Hatter...it's rainbow glitter. Wow.

I don't have it as yet, but it will be mine tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It all started on facebook. Every time I would log on, at least one person's status update would contain 'GG'. I later found out that 'GG' stood for Gossip Girl, which is a show - in case you didn't already know. The hype on this show is unbelievable. All of my friends are fans. Hardcore fans. I had never seen an episode but was convinced by my friends to watch it as they knew that I would love it. I watched it in the hope to prove them all wrong. I didnt want to like it, as those O.C style shows ain't my thang. In the back of my mind, I was a bit concerned that they would actually be right, and I too would become a freaky loving GG devotee.

After watching season one and with much deliberation, I would like to say that Gossip Girl wasn't as bad as I thought. It was worse. I couldn't believe how bad the script was, how poor the actors were and overall how it was just a bad bad show. How could i face my friends after that. I was so ashamed that I kept my thoughts to myself until I could no longer hold it. Not liking 'GG' would make me the ultimate black sheep, cos err' body love 'GG'.

I'll still keep watching the show. Purely out of curiosity. It's not a horrific show, it's just really bad. Better than The Bold and the Beautiful, thats a plus.

Smurfs no longer on the blue hotlist.

I went to watch a movie the other day. Got to the theater during the day and came out past my bedtime. I watched Avatar. It's a very long movie. D'uh, it's a James Cameron. Even though the movie did run for a while, I didn't feel it. 3 hours had gone by and i kept still on my seat. No mucking around, I just sat there and watched the movie - that rarely happens.

My favouritest bit about the movie was Jake Sully's avatar (Sam Worthington). Sam is hot, but his avatar is fine. Girls, watch the movie for him. His avatar is everything we want in a guy, seriously. He's tall blue and handsome. I actually fell in like with him.