Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TOP 5 CRUSHES OF AUGUST...1. Eric Northman

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a massive True Blood fan. I watched season one out of curiosity and ended up finishing all the released episodes in less than 2 weeks. The hottie in the show is Eric Northman played by Alexander SkarsgÄrd. Yes, he's blonde but so what- he's a vampire with attitude and that makes him extreeemly desirable and my top crush of August. Although the pic is hot, you have to have watched the show to understand the intensity of his hotness. So watch it and understand it.

2. Bear Grylls

During the week I got a little sick and so at home I enjoyed my time in my p.j's, drinking tea and watching
Man vs Wild.
If you look up the word manly in the dictionary it would say having or denoting those good
qualities traditionally associated with men, BUT what it should really say is BEAR GRYLLS. Sure he eats a whole lots of bugs and raw Zebra but so many women desire him as he is such a man-man. I have watched so many of his shows that if I were to be accicentally dropped in any remote exotic location- I would easily survive using the skills that Mr. Grylls has taught me.

3. Jamie Foxx

Some of you may think that Jamie is cocky, but I think that he's just confident. When you're a quadruple threat in hollywood, you're allowed to be a little cocky. I have been in like with him for a long time now and my fondness for him has heightened with the years. Whether he's in a movie, doing stand-up, singing a song or just 'clownin' around in an interview, I will be forever entertained.

4. Tom Hardy

Check out this hottie in this month's awesome flick Inception. Muscles+Tatts+British Accent+Talent= Heaven.

5. T.I

Even though he is a HUGE star he seems like your average humble southern boy. He was recently released from jail after 'stupidly' buying machine guns. Probably not a very thought-out idea but Clifford aka T.I served his sentence and is back on the game. Wrong mistake Cliff, but you're still very pretty ;)