Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 years old.

Exclusive Barbie photoshoot outtakes.


Dear Diary,

As I mentioned earlier in my Barbie Photoshoot post, I found my diary that belonged to me while I was around 7-15 years old. I was never good at keeping things from others as a child and my diary was often found in our family book shelf in the living room. Where every now and again a family member would snoop through it, or I would voluntarily read it aloud to the family during ad breaks. It seemed to keep everyone entertained so I kept it out on display - even though at that age I didn't quite comprehend why it could have been funny at all. Here are one of the 1st lines off my exclusive tell all diary.

Note: Sandra is my mother. ( Sorry Mum)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What's on my playlist right now...
Thinking of you - Katy Perry
Everybody Knows - John Legend
Try Sleeping with a broken heart - Alicia Keys
Dynamite - Taio Cruz
Be - Usher
All by myself - Anyone's version BUT Celine's.

New Purchase...

Monday, October 11, 2010


He may seem like your like your average Joe, but what you might not know is that Jase is an extraordinary talented guy. I first liked him when I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall - a movie in which he not only stared in but wrote aswell. Here are 5 little facts that make him awesome and my number 1 crush for September:

1. He co-wrote the upcoming Muppets Movie
2. He stars in How I met your mother.
3. He wrote Dracula's Lament based on a Vampire seeking love.
4. He seems like a very genuine person ever though he is unbelievably talented.
5. Cos I saw'd him nakey. Actually I thought that took a lot of confidence to do...confidence is sexay.


Season Seven of Entourage has been released and I have already watched the 10 episodes aired. For those of you who don't know, Jeremy Piven stars as a very powerful agent in Hollywood. He is pleasure to watch. So talented and crushworthy.


Watch The Other Guys...he's still got it!


She's been everywhere this year. You can't turn on the radio nowadays without hearing one of her songs. This is not the reason I'm crushing on her. I found out not long ago that she is more talented than what she appears. She writes all her songs and they're good catchy little songs. I downloaded a few of her tracks and am in love with Thinking of you. Amazing song, written by the lady all-by-herself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Say my name, say my name.

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Can you handle this?

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Other Guys.

Today I saw The Other Guys with my little sis. It was ok. It had some funny parts- although I have to admit I did fall asleep for a good 5 minutes of the movie. According to my sister the 5 minutes that I had slept through was part of the funniest scene in the movie. I missed out. I might just have to watch it again, only to see Marky Mark. He fine ;)

Barbie Photoshoot

My Barbie's always had crazy personalities growing up - that's mainly due to the fact that I was a pretty crazy child and I made Barbie do whatever the hell I wanted. My poor Barbie's were always going to the hairdressers until they had nothing left to chop off (with my safety prep scissors), luckily enough for Barbs short hair was sexy in the 90's. Now, I see Barbie very differently. I see her as this powerful diva...which is oddly exactly how I see myself!
Last year I moved house and still  had a couple of boxes that hadn't been unpacked. I completely forgot what I stored in them. Found my famous diary from ages 7-15 and most importantly came across my Barbie collection! I was so happy to see them, even though I forgot I had them. I only have 2 left from the 4578645677 that I had. So Barbs and me had a fun girlie photoshoot!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Single Ladies Tee.

I jumped on (t-shirt site) to vote for a friend's design in the hopes of it getting printed. I saw some pretty cool things and one of them was an instructional T-shirt on how to do Beyonce's Single Ladies dance. Incredible stuff, I wish I had of thought of that!

I love the out-of-control arrows!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TOP 5 CRUSHES OF AUGUST...1. Eric Northman

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a massive True Blood fan. I watched season one out of curiosity and ended up finishing all the released episodes in less than 2 weeks. The hottie in the show is Eric Northman played by Alexander Skarsgård. Yes, he's blonde but so what- he's a vampire with attitude and that makes him extreeemly desirable and my top crush of August. Although the pic is hot, you have to have watched the show to understand the intensity of his hotness. So watch it and understand it.

2. Bear Grylls

During the week I got a little sick and so at home I enjoyed my time in my p.j's, drinking tea and watching
Man vs Wild.
If you look up the word manly in the dictionary it would say having or denoting those good
qualities traditionally associated with men, BUT what it should really say is BEAR GRYLLS. Sure he eats a whole lots of bugs and raw Zebra but so many women desire him as he is such a man-man. I have watched so many of his shows that if I were to be accicentally dropped in any remote exotic location- I would easily survive using the skills that Mr. Grylls has taught me.

3. Jamie Foxx

Some of you may think that Jamie is cocky, but I think that he's just confident. When you're a quadruple threat in hollywood, you're allowed to be a little cocky. I have been in like with him for a long time now and my fondness for him has heightened with the years. Whether he's in a movie, doing stand-up, singing a song or just 'clownin' around in an interview, I will be forever entertained.

4. Tom Hardy

Check out this hottie in this month's awesome flick Inception. Muscles+Tatts+British Accent+Talent= Heaven.

5. T.I

Even though he is a HUGE star he seems like your average humble southern boy. He was recently released from jail after 'stupidly' buying machine guns. Probably not a very thought-out idea but Clifford aka T.I served his sentence and is back on the game. Wrong mistake Cliff, but you're still very pretty ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Recording.

So last night I recorded a song with my Uncle and cousin. The guitar sounds amazing. After recording 549879 takes, it did make me feel like maybe I didn't really know how to sing. I'm not entirely happy with my vocals but I thought it would be nice to share, since it's lurking around.

Here's the link:

Monday, July 19, 2010


For those of you who have asked how I get my nails looking the way they do, here is my answer - I use bio sculpture gel. It works as a permanent nail polish and you can remove them easily without damaging your nails- hence the appeal. You can choose a range of colours or stick to the french manicured look and it doesn't chip. It will last you at the most a month.

I get them done at Odyssey nails in Glen Waverley outside The Glen Shopping centre, not only is it so convenient...I have finally found a nail place where they remember my name and treat me like a queen. I highly recommend it. They'll look after you.

For those of you who do not live around this area, just GOOGLE it and their site lists all the nail technicians using this awesome gel.

...........TOP 5 CRUSHES OF JULY........... 1. JORGE FUCILE

It's obvious why he has made it to the top spot.
1. He's Uruguayan
2. He's a soccer player (hotness)
3. He's HOT as!
4. AND he was also the BEST defender in the Fifa World Cup this year. Hands down, and that's NOT a bias point of view.


The ONLY toy to top my CRUSH list this month. This masculine space man has been making women all around the world crazy. I am one of those women. Why? He makes a VERY hot SPANISH astronaut. "To infinito and beyondo!"


Although I have no desire to make out with her, I do however admit that I have some SERIOUS feelings for this beautiful girl. She's so talented and I always have fun sneaking a peek at what she's up to in 'The City'...SIGH.


No surprises here for those of you who are fortunate enough to know me and my crazy love for this funny, funny man! He keeps me company when I'm bored as I am a subscriber to the Hamish and Andy show podcast. I love him because he talks crap, but intelligent crap.

Things that REALLY annoy me lately...

1. When people stand WAY to close to me at a cue.

2. People that make unapologetic loud and rude noises while they eat.

3. When couples baby talk. PUKE.

4. Bad customer service. I am such a polite shopper, just don't get on my bad side cos I'll tell you where to go.

5. Waking up late for work and not having time to have a shower completley ruins your day!

6. When people purchase something from work and request to pay on their 'credit' account when in fact they have a visa/debit card - which is NOT a credit card but still insist on selecting credit and SIGNING. Suchawasteoftime.

Good on YOU, Uruguay!

I am so so so proud of our Uruguayan team for showing such passion and skill. It was about time that we had OUR time! I feel so privileged that I was able to share the happiness with all my family and friends. It's been such an exciting time for us. It might not mean much to other largely populated countries, but coming 4th in this year's Fifa World Cup in South Africa has meant the world to us.

To top it off, we were recognised as having the most talented player in the tournament with Diego Forlan. He played a massive part in leading the team to the quarter finals. Such an inspiration to all. I am so happy :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I can remember the very first time that I saw Cristiano Ronaldo's Castrol Edge commercial. It's been one of the great highlights to the World Cup. I would like to thank everyone on their impressive Ronny impersonations as they have brought me much laughter throughout the breaks of the games.


Sebastian Abreu celebrates as he scores in the final penalty.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Name: Didier Drogba
Age: 32
Height: 1.89m
Star Sign: Pisces
Current Team: Chelsea
Fun Fact: Drogba was named one of the 100 most influential people by The Times Magazine
Why we ♥ him: Built and is now still funding a hospital in his hometown of Abidjan through his charity, 'Didier Drogba Foundation".


Name: Rodrigo Tello
Age: 30
Height: 1.70m
Star Sign: Libra
Current Team: Beşiktaş
Fun Fact: He competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Why we ♥ him: Because he is Chilean. D'uh!

Friday, May 21, 2010

My hopes for SATC2!!

  • Aidan's cameo last over 1 and a half hours or more
  • A special cameo from Dr. Robert Reed ;)
  • Carrie realising that dating the Russian was a "what was I thinking moment" amen to that!
  • A special cameo from my Penelope Cruz...I know she's in it. Im just so excited!!!
  • For Miley Cyrus' cameo to be just a rumour..please!
  • Aidan to be shirtless for the entire length of his 1 and a half hour cameo ;)
I will be posting more of my love for SATC in the lead up to the big premiere to the sequel! So keep checking my blog for updates.

Funny Justin Bieber lyrics...

"Put your tooth under your pillowcase and know I won't I won't ever ever let you down (No)
Like a Seasaw let you down (oh) " - Bigger

"I was a player when I was little but now I'm bigger" - Bigger

"Just you and me, girl tell em' we're doin' it" - Kiss and Tell


P.S: I hope I don't get attacked by a swarm of Beliebers!


I have fallen for yet another Whitney. Don't worry Miss Houston, you're still #1 ;). A work friend lent me The Hills dvd's (which reminds me, I've got to return them!) and got totally hooked on it. I love the lifestyle that all the characters lead. It's all very superficial and what not - but very addictive.
After becoming devotee to the show, I have added 10, 000 likes to my everyday vocabulary. 'Like' has officially replaced my so last season 'um'. I think that it like suits me better anyway. The only character that seems 'real'and talented in their chosen career is Whitney Port. In the series she works as an intern for Teen Vogue USA and then for Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution. She later heads to New York to film her spinoff The City (which I like totally heart ) and lands a job as a stylist for Dianne Von Furstenberg she later quits that job and heads back to People's Revolution. Whitney now has her own fashion label named Whitney Eve.
I've already bought The City and watched it in two days. I eagerly awaited for season two, but to my surprise the cover says season one. Im very confused. Both dvd's are titled season one. I am very certain that there has been a worldwide typo. On behalf of Whitney's people let me clear this up for you. The latest dvd is season two. Your welcome.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hamish Blake, single...wait, no...he's off the market.

According to sources my future husband Hamish Blake is now dating Zoë Foster. He 'recently' split from his former girlfriend in 2010...this year. Too soon you say? They wont last. I hope not anyway. Hamish if you're reading this, remember our song.."Haven't met you yet" - Michael Buble. xoxo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not appropprriattenessnessment.

You know when people talk out of their ass and talk crap and dont know when to shut-up? Well, I've met a couple of them and they have truelly surprised me when they have thought what has come out of thier mouth has been appropriate. On a weekly basis, just like most of you, someone will ask your age or have a good old go at how old you are. I normally get that I look 19-23, which is kinda what I am. I am 23. So it would come as a BIG surprise to me when in these two incidences of inappropriateness two ladies at different dates have said that i look 26 or older. Normally, this would not bother me that much. I mean once this idiot outside of 'Gardenias' said I definetly was 28 when I was actually 18. She added 10 years, sadly this lady still hangs outside 'Gardenias' even though the place has closed down...I guess thats what old age does to you. But back to what I was saying...I did not get offended at the guess, I was just so shocked that even after they knew that I was 23 they felt the need to say "oh, i though you were 26 or older." People, teach your children right! You do not ever under any circumstances tell someone they look older once they have outlined their age. Just in case you're really stuck on how to be an appropriate should not ask whether someone is pregnant, chances are you are wrong and they have just gained weight. In fact you should just steer clear of making any comments about physical appearance to someone you don't know. I hope this helps you out.

P.S: I am 23.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I can be your 25cents.

I have a crush on 50cent. I always thought he looked like a gorilla but I guess that hasn't stopped me from liking him. I watched the "Baby by me" video and fell for him. I don't get it and I can't help it.