Friday, May 21, 2010


I have fallen for yet another Whitney. Don't worry Miss Houston, you're still #1 ;). A work friend lent me The Hills dvd's (which reminds me, I've got to return them!) and got totally hooked on it. I love the lifestyle that all the characters lead. It's all very superficial and what not - but very addictive.
After becoming devotee to the show, I have added 10, 000 likes to my everyday vocabulary. 'Like' has officially replaced my so last season 'um'. I think that it like suits me better anyway. The only character that seems 'real'and talented in their chosen career is Whitney Port. In the series she works as an intern for Teen Vogue USA and then for Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution. She later heads to New York to film her spinoff The City (which I like totally heart ) and lands a job as a stylist for Dianne Von Furstenberg she later quits that job and heads back to People's Revolution. Whitney now has her own fashion label named Whitney Eve.
I've already bought The City and watched it in two days. I eagerly awaited for season two, but to my surprise the cover says season one. Im very confused. Both dvd's are titled season one. I am very certain that there has been a worldwide typo. On behalf of Whitney's people let me clear this up for you. The latest dvd is season two. Your welcome.

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