Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 years old.

Exclusive Barbie photoshoot outtakes.


Dear Diary,

As I mentioned earlier in my Barbie Photoshoot post, I found my diary that belonged to me while I was around 7-15 years old. I was never good at keeping things from others as a child and my diary was often found in our family book shelf in the living room. Where every now and again a family member would snoop through it, or I would voluntarily read it aloud to the family during ad breaks. It seemed to keep everyone entertained so I kept it out on display - even though at that age I didn't quite comprehend why it could have been funny at all. Here are one of the 1st lines off my exclusive tell all diary.

Note: Sandra is my mother. ( Sorry Mum)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What's on my playlist right now...
Thinking of you - Katy Perry
Everybody Knows - John Legend
Try Sleeping with a broken heart - Alicia Keys
Dynamite - Taio Cruz
Be - Usher
All by myself - Anyone's version BUT Celine's.

New Purchase...

Monday, October 11, 2010


He may seem like your like your average Joe, but what you might not know is that Jase is an extraordinary talented guy. I first liked him when I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall - a movie in which he not only stared in but wrote aswell. Here are 5 little facts that make him awesome and my number 1 crush for September:

1. He co-wrote the upcoming Muppets Movie
2. He stars in How I met your mother.
3. He wrote Dracula's Lament based on a Vampire seeking love.
4. He seems like a very genuine person ever though he is unbelievably talented.
5. Cos I saw'd him nakey. Actually I thought that took a lot of confidence to do...confidence is sexay.


Season Seven of Entourage has been released and I have already watched the 10 episodes aired. For those of you who don't know, Jeremy Piven stars as a very powerful agent in Hollywood. He is pleasure to watch. So talented and crushworthy.


Watch The Other Guys...he's still got it!


She's been everywhere this year. You can't turn on the radio nowadays without hearing one of her songs. This is not the reason I'm crushing on her. I found out not long ago that she is more talented than what she appears. She writes all her songs and they're good catchy little songs. I downloaded a few of her tracks and am in love with Thinking of you. Amazing song, written by the lady all-by-herself.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Say my name, say my name.

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Can you handle this?

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Other Guys.

Today I saw The Other Guys with my little sis. It was ok. It had some funny parts- although I have to admit I did fall asleep for a good 5 minutes of the movie. According to my sister the 5 minutes that I had slept through was part of the funniest scene in the movie. I missed out. I might just have to watch it again, only to see Marky Mark. He fine ;)

Barbie Photoshoot

My Barbie's always had crazy personalities growing up - that's mainly due to the fact that I was a pretty crazy child and I made Barbie do whatever the hell I wanted. My poor Barbie's were always going to the hairdressers until they had nothing left to chop off (with my safety prep scissors), luckily enough for Barbs short hair was sexy in the 90's. Now, I see Barbie very differently. I see her as this powerful diva...which is oddly exactly how I see myself!
Last year I moved house and still  had a couple of boxes that hadn't been unpacked. I completely forgot what I stored in them. Found my famous diary from ages 7-15 and most importantly came across my Barbie collection! I was so happy to see them, even though I forgot I had them. I only have 2 left from the 4578645677 that I had. So Barbs and me had a fun girlie photoshoot!