Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not appropprriattenessnessment.

You know when people talk out of their ass and talk crap and dont know when to shut-up? Well, I've met a couple of them and they have truelly surprised me when they have thought what has come out of thier mouth has been appropriate. On a weekly basis, just like most of you, someone will ask your age or have a good old go at how old you are. I normally get that I look 19-23, which is kinda what I am. I am 23. So it would come as a BIG surprise to me when in these two incidences of inappropriateness two ladies at different dates have said that i look 26 or older. Normally, this would not bother me that much. I mean once this idiot outside of 'Gardenias' said I definetly was 28 when I was actually 18. She added 10 years, sadly this lady still hangs outside 'Gardenias' even though the place has closed down...I guess thats what old age does to you. But back to what I was saying...I did not get offended at the guess, I was just so shocked that even after they knew that I was 23 they felt the need to say "oh, i though you were 26 or older." People, teach your children right! You do not ever under any circumstances tell someone they look older once they have outlined their age. Just in case you're really stuck on how to be an appropriate person....you should not ask whether someone is pregnant, chances are you are wrong and they have just gained weight. In fact you should just steer clear of making any comments about physical appearance to someone you don't know. I hope this helps you out.

P.S: I am 23.

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